Paul Fox

Born and raised in Leeds, Paul spent his youth playing the drums in various different bands, Not being much of a scholar he pinned all his hopes on becoming a professional musician, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

Accepting that he must knuckle down and try and earn some sort of living, he undertook a plastering apprenticeship. This would be the career that Paul would follow on and off for the next few years. It was in his mid twenties that he decided that there must be more to his working life than being covered in plaster dust for 10 hours a day, it was then that he decided to follow a passion for acting that he had carried since his school days.

Not knowing the best way to break into acting, he did  a little research and he joined local amateur dramatic society, Leeds Arts Centre, it was here his spark for acting was truly ignited. He starred in many different plays for the LAC such as A Memory of Water, The Crucible and Comedy of errors. It was after 2 years performing with the LAC that Paul decided that he needed to take the next step and find an agent.

Over the last 18 months William has worked with the New End theatre Company, Faceless  and Manhattan Children’s Theatre as well as working on various TV and film projects. Paul is currently working with the Leeds based Theatre company Red Ladder on an upcoming production of Promised Land based on Anthony Clavenes award winning book of the same name. In his spare time Paul likes to listen to music and spend time with his wife Sara and two children Edie and Ella.


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