Greenhorn Short Film Festival 2013


greenhorn [ˈɡriːn.hɔːn]

1. A newcomer, especially one who is unfamiliar with the ways of a place or group
2. An inexperienced person, esp one who is extremely gullible

Greenhorn Short Film Festival was founded by Alix Taylor and Flora Bradwell in 2011 with the principal aim of celebrating new and emerging filmmaking talent. The festival provides a platform for the best upcoming filmmakers to screen and discuss their work in a professional and friendly environment. Accessibility is key to Greenhorn and we aim to keep ticket prices and submissions fees as low as possible. Through the annual festival Greenhorn also hopes to expand knowledge and appreciation of short film, hoping that our passion for a beautifully crafted short film rubs off on audiences attending our events.


“Greenhorn is stimulating, original, healthily anarchic and sharp as a row of needles. In short, a breath of fresh air.”
Mike Leigh, Greenhorn Short Film Festival Patron

“Excellent films, intelligent discussion; I left feeling elated and inspired”
Gorilla Film Magazine



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