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“If you’re someone who appreciates independent filmmaking at it’s best, Shades of Living official website here and Facebook page here is one you can’t afford to miss. Filled with sentiments of loss, hope, and the desperate kingdom of love, the film may only be 10 minutes long, but its simplicity will take your breath away.

Shades of Living tells the tale of a young boy who is desperate for love and companionship. His parents, meanwhile, are struggling to deal piece together a marriage that has been torn apart by a dreadful loss. Faced with neglect from his parents, Theo finds solace elsewhere and is soon able to move on, leaving his parents behind in their own world.

What is enticing about Shades of Living is what you see. Few words are spoken by any of the three characters, yet emotions run wild.  Sentiments of loss, rejection, yearning, and a need for love are central to the film, making it one that we can all relate to on some level. Theo’s character is a powerful one and echoes feelings we are all familiar with. It’s his bold, yet subtle, expressions will capture your heart and leave you intrigued about how such a little boy is filled with such bravery.

Unable to gain his parents’ attention, Theo ventures into the countryside that surrounds his home. What at first appears to be a world of creativity and imagination soon turns out to be something quite different. Theo doesn’t find pleasure in a world he has created, but rather, it’s a supernatural presence that guides him into a comforting place.

When Theo is locked out of his house one night, he is forced to sleep outside in a tent that he has created as a safe haven away from home. It’s then that we realise that this supernatural presence is there to protect and look over him, offering him something that his parents can no longer do.

It’s very difficult to talk about the beauty of this film without giving away too much, but what can be said about it is that Shades of Living is a beautiful story that is easy to perceive in different ways. It’s a tale that will trigger emotions that are personal to each individual person and will capture the attention of each member of its audience for entirely different reasons.

They say silence speaks louder than words, and in the case of this short film, that is entirely true.” – Review by Priyanka Mogul

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